Thursday, May 25, 2006

Al Jarreau to Ryan Seacrest: "Invite me on"

Here's something for the millions of American Idol fans out there...

Back in March, Grammy-award winner Al Jarreau spoke at our 2006 summer season annoucement at the National Press Club and he fielded this question about one of his songs being performed on American Idol. Check out the part about him calling Ryan Seacrest. Based on the fact that Mr. Jarreau performed on the show's finale last night with Idol contestant Paris Bennett, it looks like his phone call worked.

MR. SALANT (President of the National Press Club): Proving that the Press Club is up on the latest social trends, your song “Teach Me Tonight” was performed by one of the contestants on American Idol. Would you care to comment? (Laughter.)

MR. JARREAU: I love it. (Laughs.) You know I love it. And what I love about American Idol is that, you know, they’re encouraging—(singing)—singing. People come on there and sing. You know, I don’t—you know, I don’t want to dismantle hip hop, but hip hop doesn’t encourage a whole lot of singing, you know. There’s some there, but it’s mostly rap. And so to find a program of such great popularity encouraging singing, that—I love it. And I called Ryan Seacrest yesterday and said invite me on. (Laughter.) I’ll sing, be a judge or whatever. I did; I did actually call. I met him on an airplane and told him how much I loved the show for those reasons, and I’ll come serve coffee. So—(laughter).

Nice work, Al! We'll see you on August 6, here at Wolf Trap.


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