Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Indigo Girls Tonight

The first thing I should tell you is that tonight's Indigo Girls show is now sold out. You can always call 703-255-1868 to check for last minute ticket availability.

Now, I want to point out one of the more creative pieces of press I've seen for a Wolf Trap show so far this summer. I guess Chris Mincher from Express had a roommate or someone on his hall in college who played guitar.

[UPDATE: 6:32PM] Tonight's lawn rush was excellent, maybe the best yet this year. Lots of people were gathered outside the main gate before it opened at 6:30 and then came pouring in to grab spots on the lawn. Annmarie is here in the office with me (I asked her to bring me a steak for dinner, but she showed up empty-handed) and thinks this was even better than the lawn rush we had for Skynyrd.


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