Friday, August 18, 2006

Fox 5 Piece Now Online

This morning's Fox 5 piece by Holly Morris on Wolf Trap and this weekend's Marriage of Figaro performances is now available online at Just click on the image under "Videos" on that page to view the segment. If you want to catch Fox 5's Will Thomas in the opera, he'll be appearing in tonight's production. The show will be here tomorrow night as well, but Will is here for one night only. Order your tickets online or by calling 877-WOLFTRAP.

The Washington Post Weekend section also features Marriage of Figaro in today's Weekend's Best picks and Charles Downey includes the show in his Classical Music Agenda on DCist (next week's Boston Pops performance is highlighted there as well).

[UPDATE: Fox 5's Will Thomas blogged on about his upcoming appearance in Marriage of Figaro]


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