Saturday, May 27, 2006

Blogging from Night Two of PHC

[6:25 PM]
It's the second night of the summer season and the second night of A Prairie Home Companion here at Wolf Trap. Tonight's show is a live broadcast, which you can check out right now on radio stations across the country. WETA 90.9 FM, which is based here in the D.C. area, carries the show and you can stream it live on their website as well.

In just a couple weeks, A Prairie Home Companion will be released as a major motion picture, directed by Robert Altman. Here's what The Washington Post had to say about the movie.

[7:04 PM]
I'm having digital photo issues right now or I'd share some of the shots I took of the lawn tonight. The show is sold out and the weather is amazing, so it's a great lawn night here at Wolf Trap. Garrison Keillor had the whole place standing up singing the Star Spangled Banner just a minute ago and now it's intermission time.

[7:33 PM]
There were a few members of the media out here to catch the show this evening. I know of at least couple stories about PHC going online in the next couple of days and I'll pass links along once I have them. I'm logging off, but we'll be back out here tomorrow night for the 2006 Summer Blast Off...see you then.

One more thing, if you're listening to PHC on 90.9 FM WETA or via WETA's online stream, be sure to keep your radio's on and catch Mary Cliff. Her show, Traditions, comes on every week right after PHC.


  • What was Garrison Keillor trying to do with his "tribute" to Memorial Day? I felt the song he sang was very disrespectful to World War II veterans. I suspect it was also inaccurate--I believe World War II injured were warmly welcomed home. My husband and I sat in disbelief listening to him sing.

    By Anonymous sharon, at 5/27/2006 6:26 PM  

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