Monday, October 30, 2006

The New Media

With nearly 100 shows taking place every May through September at the Filene Center and nearly 100 more at The Barns from October through May, it's impossible to get a major publication here to cover every single show.

However, there are still people looking online for reviews of many of the shows that take place at Wolf Trap. A good number of the hits this blog gets through search engines come from people searching for "[insert artist name here] Wolf Trap review." The demand for reviews seems to outweigh the supply.

But, just because a major publication can't send a writer to every show doesn't mean you can't find a review of the show, thanks to the internet. After many shows, I'm able to search the blogosphere using Google Blog Search or Technorati and find fans who've posted their thoughts on a show they attended at Wolf Trap, sometimes even before a newspaper has hit the newsstands. You don't always get in-depth coverage of the band's entire set, although sometimes you do. Many times you simply get one fan's quick recap of their evening, but this can sometimes provide great perspective and, in some cases, it's being read by hundreds or thousands of people.

Here are a couple of examples from over the weekend. This fan attended Friday's show by The Avett Brothers and said "they were incredible!," while this fan was "thoroughly entertained" by Saturday's Paul Thorn show after a friend brought them as a surprise.

So, if you have a blog, keep posting about your Wolf Trap experiences and I'll keep linking to some of the ones I come across.


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