Thursday, February 01, 2007

Jeff Daniels Press

There's been a lot of press for tomorrow night's Jeff Daniels performance. While the show is now sold out and anyone reading all this press can't get tickets, I see a lot value for Wolf Trap in this kind of exposure, even for a sold out show. It builds more buzz for us, keeps us on people's radar, and anyone who visits our website looking for Jeff Daniels tickets could become aware of other shows, special events, and education programs we have going on.

Examiner - Yeas and Nays
"Daniels: I’m no William Shatner"

The Politico - Shenanigans
"If William Shatner Can I Can Too"

Washington Times - Riffs
"Actor turns to singing"

"Q&A: Jeff Daniels"

You can also find it highlighted in the February issue of Washingtonian and we could see a few more hits for the show in the next couple of days.


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